Buttock lipofilling in Lausanne

In our clinic in Lausanne, we are highly specilized in buttock lipofilling, also known as Colombian or brazilian butt lift. A buttock lift is a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the buttocks. The buttocks are one of the essential attributes of a woman’s beauty. The aim of a buttock lift is to lift and reshape the buttock area, as well as augment or reduce volume, to create a more shapely, firmer appearance in the buttock area. During a buttock lift, excess skin and fat are removed from the buttocks. The remaining skin is then repositioned to create a more toned and contoured look. Good candidates for buttock lipostructure are those who have sufficient fat reserves. The procedure leaves only small scars.

Procedural facts

Anaesthesia:Local anaesthesia for liposuction. Sedation or general anaesthesia for fat injection.
Length:Approximately 3 to 4 hours.
Treatment:Ambulatory at the Bellefontaine Clinic.
Work:Depends on the type of work.
Sports:After 6 weeks.
Aftercare:Compression garments for 3 weeks day and night, then another 3 weeks for the night. LPG Endermologie one week after the operation. Prophylactic antibiotic for 3 days. Avoid sitting for 6 weeks.
Risks:Local swelling, bruising, bumps, infection, haematoma, sensitivity disorder, hardening, asymmetry.
Costs:We will be pleased to provide you with a non-binding offer. Please fill out the contact form or call us.

Dr. Yann Favre, +1000 liposuctions and lipofillings performed

FMH & EBOPRAS Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Member of the Swiss Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. More than 13 years of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery in various clinics and university hospitals in Switzerland and Europe. 15 to 20 liposuctions performed per month.

General information

Due to its high blood supply, the buttocks are in principle an ideal receptor region for fat augmentation. 300 to 350 ml of fat per buttock may be required for large buttocks or very flabby skin. WAL water jet assisted liposuction is a particularly gentle procedure for liposuction. The fat obtained by this method is sieved and washed and can then be used for buttock augmentation. During the procedure, between 50 and 70% of the fat cells survive. If you want a bigger enlargement, you must plan two or three sessions to obtain the desired volume.

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Treatment procedure
At the Bellefontaine Clinic

Before the procedure

During the first consultation, we make sure that buttok lipofilling is a good indication for you. To this end, we clarify questions about your general state of health. We measure your body weight, height, fat percentage and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer. The areas to be treated will be drawn and discussed with you in front of a mirror. We will discuss the small skin incisions required and the technique we will use. Smoking cessation is recommended 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the operation.

During the procedure

For a harmonious and natural result, problem areas are marked in the standing position. In the lying position, the surgical area is disinfected and covered sterile. A tumescent solution is then introduced into the areas marked by very small, short skin incisions of only 3 to 4 millimetres. It contains analgesics and medicines to relieve the resulting bruising. Depending on the surface and height of the layer, different suction cannulas are used. In order to achieve an optimal result, several intraoperative checks are carried out in the standing position. The fat is then treated and injected into the buttocks under deep sedation or general anaesthesia. Immediately after the lipostructure of the buttocks, the patient will be provided with a suitable dressing and a compression belt to support the skin's adaptation processes. The operation is normally performed on an outpatient basis and lasts three to four hours.

After the procedure

Some loss of volume must be anticipated after buttock lipostructure, as not all fat cells will survive in the tissue after transplantation. Therefore, patients should avoid sitting for 6 weeks in order to achieve an ideal result. After buttock lipostructure, you will need to take antibiotics for three days. Regular wearing of the compression corsage is absolutely necessary. For at least four weeks, it becomes a companion - day and night - and is only removed for showering. Any swelling and bruising will disappear only after a few days. In order to avoid irregularities in the treated areas due to soft tissue healing, LPG endermologie treatment is strongly recommended one week after the procedure in areas where liposuction has been performed. After two days of rest, social life can resume. Sports can be practiced again after six weeks. A stable weight is an important component for an optimal end result. The final result can only be evaluated 6 months after the operation.

Risks and side effects

n areas where liposuction has been performed, the skin's sensitivity to touch may be slightly reduced. Bruising, redness and slight swelling regularly occur after the operation. These disappear after a few days or even weeks. Infections, local haematomas and hardening may also occur. Slight bumps and asymmetries are also possible. As we regularly check for these in a standing position during the operation, the risk of having a bump or asymmetry after the operation is low.

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The Bellefontaine Clinic
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Dr. med. Yann Favre

Buttock lipofilling or buttock lipostructure is one of the specialties of the Bellefontaine Clinic. Dr. med. Yann Favre performs several hundred liposuctions with or without lipofilling per year in Switzerland. He specializes in Bodyjet® water jet assisted liposuction. In order to achieve an optimal result and to avoid contour irregularities, he takes sufficient time and performs several checks during the procedure in a standing position.


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