Face Endermologie Treaments

Endermologie®, the 100% natural, non-invasive and non-aggressive reference technique for mechanical stimulation of the skin, reactivating the cell mechanism. A true architect of the skin, the fibroblast creates the fundamental substances of the dermis ensuring its density, softness and radiance: collagen for support and firmness, elastin for suppleness, hyaluronic acid for volume and hydration. However, from the age of 25, and despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle, the production of these youthful substances slows down. True skin fitness, endermologie® face reawakens the natural synthesis of essential youth substances. Fast, natural results with total respect for the skin.

Procedural facts

Duration:Between 15 min and 75 min
Work:No restrictions
Sport:No restrictions
Cost:We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer. Please fill out the contact form or call us.
Technique:LPG - Endermologie®.
Portrait Inès Lauzet
Inès is a medical aesthetician at the Bellefontaine Clinic in Lausanne. She is specialized in LPG Endermologie treatment and has obtained an LPG certificate for the use of our machine. She performs all LPG Endermologie treatments under medical supervision. It is with empathy and professionalism that Inès will take care of you.

Inès Lauzet
Medical Aesthetician

General information

Les zones traitées par LPG visage : De nombreuses zones peuvent être traitées par l’endermologie visage® telles que le front, les contours des yeux antirides, les contours des yeux contre les poches et les cerne, le double menton, le cou, le décolletée et également la main. Vous avez la possibilité de faire ce soin en cure pour un traitement sur mesure et plus profond ou en une seule séance afin de booster vos cellules anti-âge.

Treatment procedure
At the Bellefontaine Clinic

Before the procedure

Our team, specially trained in the use of the LPG machine, begin all facial endermology sessions with a free diagnosis of your skin. During this first appointment, we draw up an initial assessment based on your objectives and your morphology by defining the areas to be treated, taking into account skin aging and analyzing the quality of your skin's tissues. These elements allow us to develop a tailor-made program adapted to your needs.

During the procedure

The patented LPG® care head exerts micro beats on the skin surface in an intense and pleasant way. This true skin fitness naturally reactivates the production of essential support fibers: collagen, elastin (+46%*) and hyaluronic acid (+80%*) for an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect.

After the procedure

Le combo parfait, additionnez à ce soin un masque actif concentré en Acide Hyaluronique. Notre équipe, vous proposera également une gamme de produits cosmétiques ciblés pour votre peau qui permettra de prolonger les effets du traitement chez vous. Après un bilan personnalisé, nous vous conseillerons sur la durée et le nombre de séances à effectuer.

All face Treatments

  • Targeted Treatments: Forehead, Eyes: Anti-Wrinkle; Eyes: Puffiness and Dark Circles; Mouth; Double Chin; Facial Contours; Neck; Décolleté; Hands

Classic treatments

  • Glow (15 min) : Gently exfoliates and reactivates microcirculation to even out the complexion and improve skin brightness.
  • Detox (20 min) : Mobilizes fluids.Drains impurities and “reoxygenates” the skin for a purified, radiant complexion.
  • Décolleté (25min) : Redensifies tissue, smooths the look ok wrinkles, and tones skin for a visibly smooth décolleté
  • Age-defying replumping, toning, refining (30 min) : Harmonizes face volumes, restores skin density while smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from within

Signature treatments

  • Skin Awakening (40min) : Unifies skin complexion, tightens pores and smoothes out face and neck wrinkles with a "new skin" effect. Added with a "Radiance Booster" peel.
  • Perfect Eyes & Lips (40 min) : Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, targets the eyelids to enhance the look and replumps the lips.

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