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Do you dream of beautiful skin? Have healthy skin. Inspired by Japanese beauty rituals, layering consists of a series of 6 to 7 steps of care on the skin morning and evening. Make-up removal (1), cleansing (2), toning lotion (3), serum (4), eye contour care (5), nourishing cream (6) and sun protection (7) follow one another with a single goal: to optimise the health and beauty of the skin. Each step is important. Indeed, its effectiveness depends on the previous step and will also maximize the effects of the next step.

Procedural facts

Length :1 hour
Work:Directly after the intervention. No social eviction, slight redness may appear for a few hours.
Sport:No restrictions.
Make-up:No restrictions
Aftercare:Apply daily a sun care with SPF 50. A personalised care plan will be proposé́ for an optimal result.
Portrait Inès Lauzet
Inès is a medical aesthetician at the Bellefontaine Clinic in Lausanne. She is specialized in facial care and has obtained a SkinCeuticals certificate to perform this skin treatment. She performs all treatments under medical supervision. It is with empathy and professionalism that Inès will take care of you.

Inès Lauzet
Medical Aesthetician

What is SkinCeuticals layering?

The SkinCeuticals layering is created in line with the brand's philosophy «prevent, correct, protect». Our mission is to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. We offer you dermo-professional skin care thanks to the formulation of ultra-efficient products, highly concentrated in active ingredients and offering high skin absorption. Made in the United States, SkinCeuticals products are used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons... to correct the signs of skin aging and help prevent age-related damage.

SkinCeuticals treatment care:

Before each treatment we offer you a skin diagnosis with a skinscope. The LED SkinScope is a diagnostic tool for facial skin that reveals visible or dormant imperfections in the deep layers of the epidermis. This process developed by the SkinCeuticals brand thus makes it possible to treat cutaneous photoaging before it even appears. Once the diagnosis has been established, the beautician determines a therapeutic protocol that takes into account the patient's priorities.


This treatment is a pure concentrate of stimulating, lifting and illuminating manual techniques for a silky and unified complexion. For a reinforced anti-ageing action, the key active ingredients to be combined are pure Vitamin C, which will act on the longevity of the cells and thus reinforce the radiance and firmness of the skin, while Hyaluronic Acid will boost your own natural production, responsible for the hydration and volume of the skin. Results: the skin gains in tone and density.


To minimize imperfections while reducing the appearance of visible signs of aging, the combination of pure Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid is the best way to get the best results. Cleansing skin from the inside out. Results: Acne marks diminish, as well as fine lines and excess sebum.


This restorative treatment combines decongesting botanical extracts with specific lymphatic drainage techniques. The skin is soothed and free radicals are neutralised. Finally, the skin is repaired and protected from the harmful effects of the sun, pollution, external aggressions. Results: the skin is soothed, it regains its radiance and comfort.

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