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Permanent Makeup

Permanent make-up treatment by dermopigmentation is recommended for active women who do not have time to apply make-up in the morning, for sportswomen, but also for those who suffer from vision problems, cosmetic intolerance or allergies. Micropigmentation treatment can also help to rectify a small defect or asymmetry that unbalances the face and creates a complex, such as eyebrows that are too thin or a droopy look. The Bellefontaine clinic welcomes you to a contemporary space dedicated to top-of-the-range beauty care.

Procedural facts

Length:2.5h - 3h hours for semi-permanent eyebrow or lip make-up
Work:Right after the procedure. After the permanent lip make-up, your lips will be swollen for a few hours.
Sport:You can go back to sport the day after your permanent make-up session.
Aftercare:Avoid exposure to the sun. You will be offered a care plan to take care of your make-up.
Risks:The side effects usually disappear within 24-48 hours. Then fine scabs may appear during the first week during the healing process.
Cost:850.– for the eyebrows / 900.– for the lips (the touch-up is included).
Portrait Inès Lauzet
Inès is a medical aesthetician at the Bellefontaine Clinic in Lausanne. She is specialized in semi-permanent make-up treatment. She performs all semi-permanent make-up treatments under medical supervision. It is with empathy and professionalism that Inès will take care of your skin.

Inès Lauzet
Medical Aesthetician

General information

Discover the full range of permanent make-up services:

Different specific techniques allow you to reproduce the ultra realistic hairline or a powdered effect according to the desired result (sophisticated or natural) to benefit from eyebrows in harmony with your face.

We propose 2 possibilities of result:
- A shading effect which brings volume while remaining natural and glamorous. It also allows to correct a possible asymmetry and to draw a pretty mouth.
- A lipstick effect, colours the lips in a chosen shade for a natural or sophisticated look.

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Treatment procedure
At the Bellefontaine Clinic

Before the procedure

During a first consultation, a morphological analysis of the face is carried out. This allows us to better define your needs and expectations. During this interview all your questions concerning the dermopigmentation procedure will be dealt with. Also, we will clarify questions about your general state of health, as well as the precautions for use will be explained to you. In order to visualize the final result, a projection of the future permanent make-up is carried out using a cosmetic pencil. Together we can choose the colour, the shape, as well as the desired final effect. Once your approval is given on the type of line to adopt, a second appointment will be scheduled to carry out the make-up by dermopigmentation.

Important: No permanent makeup will be done without prior consultation.

During the procedure

Dermopigmentation consists of introducing organic and mineral pigments into the superficial layers of the dermis, using an electric device and a sterile disposable needle. Once the colour and the design have been validated, we can apply a local anaesthetic for your comfort during the procedure. Then Inès will proceed with the realization of your permanent make-up.

After the procedure

Once the dermopigmentation is done. The color will stabilize after a month. It is necessary to come back 1 to 2 months after the procedure to do a slight touch up. Depending on cell renewal, the skin's reaction to sun exposure, and different habits, the dermopigmentation treatment will evolve differently from one person to another. Thanks to increasingly innovative bioresorbable pigments, permanent make-up lasts between 12 and 24 months. We advise you to come in for an annual touch-up to maintain your permanent make-up.

Risks and side effects

Side effects usually disappear within 24-48 hours. Then thin scabs may appear during the first week during the healing process.


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