The price of a treatment in aesthetic medicine is indicated below. If necessary, it includes a complementary treatment at no extra charge after two weeks. The price depends on several factors, such as the duration of the operation and the choice of the type of anaesthesia. If you contact us on 021 / 601’33’33 or fill in the form below, we will provide you with a quotation for your future operation as soon as possible and without obligation.

Aesthetic medicine

Treatment of facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin

A region
Lion’s wrinklesfrom 400.–
Wrinkles on the forehead (including frown lines)from 500.–
Crow’s feetfrom 300.–
Chinfrom 300.–
Reduction of the masticatory musclefrom 600.–
Several areas
Forehead wrinkles and frown linesfrom 500.–
Frown lines and crow’s feetfrom 600.–
Wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feetfrom 700.–
All desired areasfrom 800.–

Facial treatment with hyaluronic acid – filler

Nasolabial foldsfrom 600.-
Bitterness foldsfrom 600.-
Jowlsfrom 600.–
Cheek wrinklesfrom 600.–
Cheekbone augmentationfrom 700.–
Lipsfrom 600.–
Dark circlesfrom 600.–
Nose correctionfrom 600.–
Skinbooster1 session 600.–
3 sessions 1400.–
Softlift BellefontaineAsk for a quote

Treatment of the body with botulinum toxin

Hyperhidrosis/Treatment of perspiration – armpitsfrom 700.–
Hyperhidrosis/Sweat treatment – hands or feetAsk for a quote

Hyaluronic acid body treatment – filler

Hand wrinkle treatmentfrom 800.–
Skin Moisturizingfrom 800.–


The price of a surgical operation depends on many factors, such as the duration of the operation, the choice of anaesthesia, etc. Call us or fill in the form below to receive more information and a non- binding quotation.


Excess fat
LiposuccionAsk for a quote
Fat injections
Breast augmentationAsk for a quote
Buttock lipofillingAsk for a quote
Wrinkle treatmentAsk for a quote
Excess of skin
Belly liftAsk for a quote
Arm liftAsk for a quote
Thigh liftAsk for a quote


Breast augmentation
with implantsAsk for a quote
with fatAsk for a quote
Breast reductionAsk for a quote
Breast liftAsk for a quote
GynecomastiaAsk for a quote


Upper eyelid liftAsk for a quote
Lower eyelid liftAsk for a quote
Ears reshaping/otoplastyAsk for a quote
Neck liftAsk for a quote
Face liftAsk for a quote


MoleAsk for a quote
ScarAsk for a quote


At the Bellefontaine Clinic, it is possible to pay your treatment fees in several monthly installments and without any interest. A percentage of the treatment fee is required. The rest can be paid in 3 to 6 monthly installments at no extra charge. All check-up and follow-up appointments are included. This only applies to the treatment fee for surgical operations.


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