High Definition 4 D Liposuction

High Definition” liposuction or “4-D Liposculpture” is the ultimate refinement of liposuction. The aim of HD liposuction is to harmoniously restore the body’s muscles in the abdomen, chest, hips and arms. Leading surgeons use Vaser technology for High Definition liposuction. The Vaser will “dissolve” the fat before aspirating it. The Vaser can remove even more fat than conventional liposuction, and also target the areas where it needs to be removed. High Definition liposuction is suitable for patients who regularly exercise, have good skin quality and a BMI not exceeding 27 kg / m2. If the skin is too relaxed, the skin can be tightened without additional scarring using the Renuvion. The aspirated fat can then be injected to augment the buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift or breast lipofilling. The Vaser®/Renuvion®/Microaire® combination is currently established as the gold standard among the world’s leading plastic surgeons specializing in High Definition liposuction, and we are the first clinic in French-speaking Switzerland to use this combination.

High Definition” liposuction or “4-D Liposculpture” is the ultimate refinement of liposuction. The aim of HD liposuction is to harmoniously restore the body’s muscles in the abdomen, chest, hips and arms. Leading surgeons use Vaser....

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Technical Aftercare Sport Work Treatment Duration Anesthesia Risks Costs

Local anesthesia with Entonox® gas sedation or General anesthesia

Local anesthesia with Entonox® gas sedation or General anesthesia

Epifoam dressing applied to high-definition areas for one week. Compression garments for 3 weeks, day and night, then a further 3 weeks at night. Lymphatic massage or LPG Endermologie to begin one week after surgery. Antibiotic

After 6 weeks

Recovery depends on activity


Between 2 and 4 hours.

Local anesthesia with Entonox® gas sedation or General anesthesia

Local swelling, bruising, bumps, infection, hematoma, sensitivity disorder, hardening, asymmetry, skin necrosis.

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An example of 4D High Definition Liposuction on a man.

An example of 4D High Definition Liposuction on a man

An example of 4D High Definition Liposuction on a woman

An example of 4D High Definition Liposuction on a woman

General information

Many people go to the gym regularly and pay attention to a balanced diet, yet the areas of the body where we’d like to see muscularity appear often don’t seem to improve. It’s precisely for these areas that High Definition liposuction is the right treatment for shaping a perfect body. VASER® is the latest technological innovation in liposuction and body sculpting. It removes more fat than conventional liposuction and, in selected patients, allows muscles in the abdomen, pectorals and arms to be highlighted. With this method, the areas of fat between the selected muscles are specifically aspirated. Renowned surgeons use Vaser and Renuvion technology for optimal results. We are the first in French-speaking Switzerland to use this combination of techniques. The fat is then aspirated using the Microaire PAL ® method. This makes it possible to create “six packs”. During the same session, the fat can be reused and reinjected into different areas, such as the buttocks or the breasts. The reuse of body fat is called “lipofilling”. Lipofilling dispenses with the use of foreign substances 100% of the time, making the effect very natural.

Before and after

4D high definition tummy tuck for women

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Treatment procedure
At the Bellefontaine Clinic

Before the procedure

During the initial consultation for 4-D High Definition Liposuction, patients get to know us and can discuss their ideas, wishes and questions with us at their leisure. As we have extensive experience in the field of liposuction, we can answer all your questions thoroughly. We’ll make sure that High Definition Liposuction 4 D is the right treatment for you. High Definition Liposuction is suitable for patients who exercise regularly, have good skin quality and a BMI not exceeding 27 kg / m2. During the consultation, we measure body weight, height, fat percentage and thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer. During the first consultation, the areas to be treated will be drawn in an upright position and checked in front of a mirror. Smoking should ideally be stopped 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the liposuction operation. At the end of the session, we’ll create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and expectations.

During the procedure

On the day of the procedure, we focus exclusively on you, with no other patients scheduled for the same surgical treatment. This gives us the time we need to perform your liposuction with complete peace of mind. During the procedure, we have a very pleasant atmosphere, with the operating room located in a soothing setting overlooking the rooftops of Lausanne. For a harmonious, natural result, the problem areas are marked out in an upright position, with contraction of the muscles to be treated. Lying down, the surgical area is disinfected and sterile-coated. A tumescent solution is then passed through very small incisions – only 3 to 4 mm – into the marked areas. It contains analgesics and medication to relieve subsequent bruising. Aspiration is then performed using High Definition micro-suction cannulas. To ensure optimum results, several checks are carried out in the standing position. This process helps to avoid irregularities. For example, the abdomen looks completely different lying down than standing up. Small bumps are often only visible in the standing position. The duration of the operation depends on the amount of fat to be removed and the type of anesthesia. Two to four hours is usual. The procedure can generally be performed on an outpatient basis. Between 1 and 4 liters of fat can be removed in a single session. For health reasons, it is not recommended to remove more than 5 liters of fat per session during your liposuction.

After the procedure

A special “Epifoam” dressing is applied to the areas where High Definition 4-D liposuction has been performed. A first dressing is applied one week after the procedure. A compression girdle is then placed over the Epifoam dressing directly after the procedure. It supports the skin’s adaptation processes and must be worn for three weeks day and night, then for a further three weeks at night only. After High Definition 4 D liposuction, antibiotics must be taken prophylactically for seven days. One week after liposuction, the treated area is often swollen and indurated. Swelling and induration diminish after 2 to 3 weeks, and definitively after 3 to 6 months. To avoid irregularities and hardening of the treated areas due to soft tissue healing, lymphatic massage or LPG Endermologie treatment is strongly recommended one week after liposuction. Maintaining a stable weight is an important measure for achieving optimal final results. Fat cells removed by liposuction cannot grow back. Only in the event of significant weight gain can the remaining fat cells become larger. The final result can only be assessed a few weeks to 3 months after the procedure. If you have any questions, you can always contact us personally by telephone using our emergency number. Sports, saunas, full baths and the sun/solarium should be avoided for the first 6 weeks. Small skin incisions should be protected with sunscreen (SPF 50) for the next few months.

Risks and side effects

After High Definition 4 D liposuction, the skin’s sensitivity to touch may be slightly reduced. Bruising, redness and slight swelling appear regularly after the operation, but resolve over time. Slight bumps and asymmetries are also possible. As we carry out regular checks during the operation, the risk of a bump or asymmetry after surgery is low. Infections, hematomas and necrosis are very rare after 4-D High Definition Liposuction.

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Yann Favre, MD

Using revolutionary techniques and advanced technologies, including High Definition PAL, Dr. Favre can meticulously design every detail, shape a perfect curve, create tone, athletic arms, and sculpt and define “six-pack” abs. Dr. Yann Favre has already performed over 1000 liposuctions, lipofillings and High Definition 4 D liposuctions in Switzerland. To ensure optimal results, he takes sufficient time and performs regular standing checks during the procedure. The procedure is performed at Clinique Bellefontaine in Lausanne on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthetic.


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