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Mohs Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is the most advanced technique for removing and treating non- melanoma skin cancer. We have extensive experience in the field of Mohs surgery. Dr. med. Yann Favre has operated more than 800 patients with Mohs surgery in Switzerland. Mohs surgery is a procedure used to remove tumors from the skin, such as basalioma or spinalioma. It allows the complete removal of skin tumors with the least amount of tissue loss possible. After the skin tumor is removed, the damaged tissue is aesthetically restored.

Procedural facts

Anaesthesia:Local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia on request.
Length:approx. 1 to 3 hours.
Work:Depends on the type of activity.
Sport:After 3 weeks.
Restriction:Sun protection UV 50+ as long as the scar is red.
Aftercare:3 weeks after the operation, massage of the scar with specific scar ointment and silicone patches for 2 to 3 months.
Risks:infections, swelling and local bruising for the next 2 weeks, sensory disturbances, nerve damage.

General information

During Mohs' surgery, the tissue removed is examined during the procedure for the presence of tumour remnants. If there are still tumour remains in the excision residue, another resection is performed the same day until the tumour is completely removed. This minimizes the size of the skin area to be removed and reduces the risk of recurrence. After complete removal of the tumour, the damaged tissue is closed and aesthetically restored on the same day using appropriate techniques. In addition to the certainty that the tumour has been completely removed at a minimum safety distance, this modern control procedure also offers a high level of comfort for the patient by avoiding a hospital stay.

Treatment procedure
At the Bellefontaine Clinic

Before the procedure

The patient's health issues are first clarified. It is discussed and drawn, exactly which area is to be deleted. Then there are several methods to cover the loss of skin substance. We decide together which procedure will give you the best possible "aesthetic" result. The decision depends on the age, type, quality and elasticity of the skin. In order not to endanger the wound healing process after Mohs' surgery, it is generally advisable not to smoke for about 14 days before the operation.

During the procedure

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, sedation or if necessary under general anaesthesia. The tumour is cut with as little loss of skin tissue as possible. The removed tissue is examined by a pathologist during the operation. If the pathologist discovers tumour cells in a resection margin, he indicates the exact position on a drawing so that the surgeon can perform the additional excision at the appropriate site. The second resection is examined again until all the cut edges are free of tumour. After complete removal of the tumour, the damaged tissue is closed the same day using the appropriate technique. If direct closure is not possible, a flap or different types of grafts are used. Dr. med. Yann Favre will explain the appropriate technique in detail.

The Bellefontaine Clinic
is highly specialized


Dr. med. Yann Favre

FMH Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery EBOPRAS

Dr. med Yann Favre has performed more than 800 Mohs surgery cases in Switzerland in close cooperation with the Kempf und Pfalz Institute of Pathology in Zurich. This many years of experience enables him to advise you and treat these skin tumours optimally. He will explain to you in detail the procedure and the appropriate recovery technique.


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